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John Rake

I help bold entrepreneurs solve big problems with software.

Build the right product, for happy customers, and get to market faster.

Did you know most apps fail? Yup.

"90% of apps fail because their customers uninstall or leave after a single use"

That stat is absolutely staggering. Think about it.

How many apps have you installed and never used? Hundreds?

Building an app is EASY. Building an app customer's love is HARD.


Better Products Built For Happy Customers

I'll help guide you from idea conception through product development and market launch.

1. Validate it

Together we’ll brainstorm the key features of your app, create a prototype, and put it to the test against real customers.

After, we’ll have actionable feedback that proves exactly which parts of the app resonate without writing a single line of code.

2. Build it

After validating what is worth developing, we’ll break these features down into development milestones.

Milestones are weekly chunks of time where you’ll have clear visibility into the project’s status and a beta version to feel the real deal.

3. Launch it

The app is ready, it’s time to release it to the world. From day 1 you’ll be able to track all the key conversion metrics that drive success.

Know exactly how your app is performing right away – not months later.


Prove your idea works and people want it

You know what sucks? Wasting a year building an app, draining your savings and retirement accounts, and then going out of business because no customers wanted your product in the first place.

Yes, this happens. Yes, there is a better way.

So, instead of crossing our fingers and praying to the app gods, we could instead follow a battle tested design framework that proves customers will use and purchase your hard work.

about ME

From One Founder To Another

I know from personal experience that building a business is one of the hardest ventures you can pursue. And that's why I'm here for you. I'll be with you every step of the way, from your early concepts all the way to launch day and beyond.

I love to partner with early-stage companies, to help them validate their ideas, to build software that matters and that customers actually want to buy.

I'm not in the business of "selling software", that doesn't light my soul on fire. Heck, that barely gets me out of bed. No.

I help bold entrepreneurs solve big problems that create a lasting impact.


Prove your idea works and people want it

Mobile applications are the premier way for businesses to engage with their customers on the go.

Snapping photos, posting quick business updates, and sharing your favorite recipes with the family are all made possible by the power and flexibility of mobile phones.

Are you ready to take your business mobile and scale? I'm here to help.


A few kind words from friends

My absolute go-to developer

I’ve worked with John in various capacities for almost three years now. He’s my absolute go-to technology developer of choice. I can gush for days about John, but let me tell you the single most important thing that he can do for a client. He will get you live faster and establish real market data which will illuminate what you actually should be building in the second and beyond phases. He will save you money, make you more revenue, and help you build something people actually want.

Weston Bergmann Investor, Betablox

John takes pride in helping startup founders

As a non-technical, solo startup founder that knows nothing about tech, it’s been frustrating to deal with unresponsive developers that have poor communication skills…Unlike most devs, John takes pride in helping startup founders build the right solutions that solve their customer’s problems. John will help you plan your MVP and get your app launched as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Dave Robertson Founder, Flipperforce

Absolutely phenomenal to work with

We cannot begin to thank John enough for all of the effort and transparency he provided throughout our development process. He was absolutely phenomenal to work with. He is incredibly professional and his skill set is impressive. We would recommend John to anyone needing a app developer.

David Pochapin Founder, Gavel It


Fast, effective advice for the busy entrepreneur

How can I help your project?

I'm always happy to help. Save yourself time and money.