March 24


Rediscover Your Customer Value – Ep. 2

By John Rake

March 24, 2020

Dishing out weekly meals in a quarantine

Months ago I signed up for a unique service – an in-home weekly chef service. My goal was pretty simple – I wanted better, higher quality food.

Oh, and I didn’t want to do any dishes! Dishes are THE WORST.

Shortly after a screening process, I was placed on a waiting list. The service was, and honestly still is, in high demand. Weeks before this awful virus began spreading the country I met the founder and began to partner with him on a new web application for the company.

In my eyes, this was the perfect opportunity. His company gets a major upgrade in their digital technology, I get an awesome personal chef, and we all live happily ever after…

Nah, that didn’t happen. This virus sucks.

Corona-crap completely destroyed our plans and sent our businesses into a spiral.

Now we’re both adapting as quickly as we can.

What’s most fascinating is that an in-home service for food wasn’t as affected as I thought it would be. Sure, my friend’s business was hurt, but he’s still kicking working diligently with customers.

Food services are considered essential which gives him a lot of flexibility when it comes to continuing operations. Customers, on the other hand, are rightfully scared.

I’m sure new customer acquisition has come to a grinding halt. Imagine hiring a stranger to come into your home during government recommended lockdown and a dangerous virus on the loose?


As for previous customers, I think this founder did something brilliant. He spends time every day reaching out to his clients, ensuring them of the safety precautions they are taking.

He tells them about the gloves, sanitizers, cleaning supplies, and other steps to limit infection while still providing an intimate and high-quality service. Brilliant!

But what about the customers who have canceled and postponed their subscriptions? That’s a whole different story.
Now think about that inside your business? You, like my friend and his chefs, are struggling to keep clients in the midst of this viral uncertainty.

Keeping your company going means understanding why customers are leaving. We all need to adapt and realign with new customer values.

Ask your customers, why are they canceling?

You’re probably losing customers, but do you know why?

Here’s a list of possibilities that I see.

  • Money is tight. Some people are getting laid off can’t afford the hit on their wallets. Not much you can do it except lower prices or pivot to a different offering.
  • Less valuable. Others have the money, but their priorities have changed. Instead of wanting your product they are choosing various alternatives. Ask them why!
  • Trapped at home. Lastly, you’ve got customers happy and willing to purchase, but they literally can’t get to you. I’m looking at you, retail spaces!
  • Super mega-bored. Maybe your product isn’t exciting enough to get people to act right now. We’re all scrolling through social media feeds and ridiculously bored these days.

I’m sure there are dozens more. These are my immediate thoughts. Your business is unique and your customers likely have a multitude of reasons.

You need to figure out what these are ASAP! Not a month from now. Not a week from now. Not a day from now. You need to learn this today.

Email, chat, call, text, fax, pager, pigeon – whatever it takes. Talk to your customers. Figure out why they are leaving. Find the patterns and section this information into buckets.

Now you’re able to pivot and address these new concerns. The business models that worked pre-virus are in jeopardy, it’s time to adapt.

Find a new product-market fit and start filling a need for customers you serve.

Bored? Become a sous chef for your family!

Lastly, let us talk about your sanity and happiness. If you are a human (and I think you are?) you’re getting bored more easily these past days.

Hey, don’t worry about it. I am too.

That’s why I spent some time with my fiance last night creating a new energy ball recipe. We had some ingredients lying around the kitchen and thought it would be fun to make use of it.

A couple of hours and 28 almond butter balls later we had a blast. It was a ton of fun. And it was something we wouldn’t have done if we weren’t locked in our house saving the planet from COVID-19!

What can you make? What’s hidden in the back of your pantry like some rare alchemic ingredients? I think you can turn it into a fun adventure for your family.

Give it a shot, post it up on social media, and share some happiness with the rest of us. We’re all struggling out here and feeling disconnected. We’d love to see what you can create!

John Rake

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