March 26


Struggling in Retail? Pivot Fast to E-commerce – Ep. 4

By John Rake

March 26, 2020

There’s no question about the effect COVID-19 has had on retail spaces around the country. It’s bad and businesses are at risk of collapse.

It turns out that if you lock the country in their house for a month physical stores can’t sell them stuff.

Well …. duh …

Now when I talk about adaptation to a shifting market (even if only temporary) you can see the importance. Changing quickly (a.k.a. pivoting) helps you thrive, but in the most extreme situation’s it’s purely about survival. And that’s exactly what our highlight KC company achieved this past week.

Meet KC Hemp Co., a retail space who pivoted online for record monthly sales

First off, can we just take a moment to acknowledge the impact of that headline? Now only has the KC Hemp Co. team made the much-needed pivot at a time of crisis, but they were rewarded with RECORD SALES.

That. Is. Amazing.

We could set here and debate over exactly why their sales spiked.

  • Perhaps their product is positioned well in a time of high anxiety.
  • Maybe they have a large loyal audience and can easily communicate changes with them.
  • Or maybe it’s fancy tactics, free shipping, coupons, etc.

Whatever the case maybe they didn’t get it right the first shot. Nobody does.

The first time I wrote an article it sucked. The first video I made had poor lightning – heck most still do!

Forgive me, because I’m still a work in progress. Despite our faults as entrepreneurs if we take action we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Without action, we take no steps forward and get nowhere.

Did all those shining tactics help KC Hemp Co. through this tough time? Absolutely! But they are all built upon a foundation of taking action with a pivot towards online e-commerce.

Finding customers online when you can’t get foot traffic

Your customers still exist. Most still have money and a need for your product. That’s what makes e-commerce such a powerful tool right now.

You’re not going to get foot traffic. Sorry, but it’s impossible due to public sector lockdowns.

Despite the literal ghost towns we leave in, all of the shipping lanes appear to continue as planned. They were marked as essential services and such we can still leverage that utility and bring products to customers who badly need them.

Don’t fret over the “how” or “what”. You can pend a million years perfecting an online store. Pick a provider (Shopify, Wix, WordPress, etc), choose a theme that looks decent, add some mega-blammo copy, and get launched ASAP.

Your pictures are fine. Your message is fine. Your site … it’s fine. Just go.

Take action and make the e-comm switch

Struggling with Tech? Send me a message

Well first off, Hi! I launch digital products for entrepreneurs. Try me first.

As a backup plan, comb through your social media accounts and find recommendations for people who can get you a site launched fast. It won’t cost as much as you think either because in times of crisis you can often negotiate cost into a comfortable place.

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