March 31


Educating Your Customers Through Video – Ep. 6

By John Rake

March 31, 2020

Helping businesses recover through video

One thing that struck me immediately during quarantine is the need to adapt to shifting consumer demands. Some businesses are more suited than others. Take for example Zoom, they enable companies to work remotely. Naturally, companies that function remotely are doing well, or at least as well as can be expected.

So, the question for us entrepreneurs is two-fold: (1) what is working (2) how can we leverage it?

To figure this out first think about what your customers are doing. They’re sitting at home, disconnected from their friends, watching movies, and probably scrolling through a ton of social media. You might not be able to monetize your products because confidence is down in the market, but you can share as hell grab some attention through all the noise.

Lots of people are reading, but even more, people are watching video online each day – and they’re even more engaged with video than ever. Furthermore, video produces a high-quality ROI for businesses, these two stats below tell the story of video’s success.

Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 4.11.16 PM
Source: The State of Video Marketing in 2020 [New Data]
Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 4.11.35 PM
Source: The State of Video Marketing in 2020 [New Data]

Now is a great time to create content

It’s a better time than ever to start creating content for your customers. All you need is your phone, a nice cozy spot of your house (or outside), and a tad bit of confidence.

Here’s what you don’t need:

  1. A $2,000 camera
  2. 5 years of experience
  3. A fancy certification
  4. Perfect charisma and confidence (nobody has that)
  5. 10 free hours per day

Don’t believe me? Check out Alden Miller’s new daily series that covers exactly these topics and much more. Alden is the founder of Alchemy a company that helps you weave wonderous digital stories that resonate with customers.

For the next 20 days, Alden is putting up high-quality video education for entrepreneurs just like you and me. Here’s the first episode on his LinkedIn.

So, not only has Alden correctly shifted his thinking towards alternative customer value, but he’s also positioning himself well for long term success. Let’s say his video series comes blasting out of the gate and people love it? Great, he’s got some immediate exposure, marketing, promotion, and trust with customers.

But what if it doesn’t succeed? He’s still going come out on top because now he’s got an exact framework and script to work on. Creating the content the first time around is the hardest. Once you have it all written out it’s becomes trivial to tweak it here and there to keep looking for the missing ingredient.

Long-term this video series is the perfect thing for Alden to do:

  • His company creates more value for more people
  • Those customers trust his brand
  • And when customers are ready they now associate video with Alden

But what if you can’t create amazing awesome super-mega videos that everyone loves? Uh oh…

Start with what you have, become an “expert” later

Nah, just kidding you’re fine. The trick here is to remember that you don’t need to be an Alden to create a great video. In fact, Alden is literally showing you exactly what he does and how he does it with his video series.

That’s pretty spiffy.

Nevertheless, I can hear people saying “I don’t have the right equipment”, “I need better lightning”, “My content isn’t good enough”, and all sorts of other reasons not to start.

I know exactly how you feel and this is what I told my self for years. At least until I learned how to trick my brain into working for me. I am 100% self-conscious about how I look, how I talk, and the content I create. Yet, I still sit in front of a camera (LIVE!) for 20 to 30 minutes a day.

How? I managed my expectations.

I know I’m just starting and learning the ropes. I don’t expect to provide Alden level content. Why should I? I wouldn’t expect Alden to program an app like I can. That’s not a fair comparison.

So, don’t beat yourself up this. You’re not going to be perfect and that’s ok.

Being successful as an entrepreneur means taking crap on the chin, standing back up when you’re knocked down, and just plain “showing up.” That’s grit and you can learn it with a mental shift.

Start today with whatever you can. When tomorrow comes back around show up. Each day you get better. You will become an “expert.” But you’ll never get there with first being a beginner.

John Rake

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